Narayanrao Waghmare Mahavidyalaya , Akhada Balapur

Department of Mathematics
The department of Mathematics is one of the major departments in college which was established as a subject of science faculty in June 1994, mathematics is one of the basic science subjects, and the optional is given with other basic science subject as Physics, Chemistry. Most of the students are socio-economic poor group of society and have minimum knowledge in the subject.

The faculty of the department Shri.Gadhe S.R. Head of department. He is pursuing Ph.D. in the subject and his area of specialization is Difference equations and Difference inequalities of some problem.

The faculty of department take more time for mathematics and conducting seminars, and competitive exam through Ramanujan Study corner. The department have study material and question bank is available for students department know students is central view of education and try to increase the creativity of the students by giving different project. The continuous evaluation of the students is through Unit test, Numerical solving ability assignments and seminar.

Faculty member attending academic seminars, conferences, workshops, Orientation course, Refresher courses and short term course and presented the research work.

The department is alert about the student progression and always helps to them to choose right career.