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Annual Gathering

President, Krishnarao Bhise felicitating the Guest.

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NSS Activity by College Students.

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Cultural Activities performed by student


Narayanrao Waghmare Mahavidyalaya , Akhada Balapur

Sociology Department (समाजशास्त्र विभाग)
The Department of sociology was established as a basic subject of social science of Arts faculty in June 1994. Dr. N.N. Kounsalye Principal of the college is working since August 2013 in the department. The faculty of department Dr. More M.M is vice Principal of the college. He is working since February 1999. His research area of specialization is tribal and rural society study. He has been awarded with Best N. S. S. program officer by Maharashtra Government. Shri Akoshkar E.U. has been working as a CHB teacher.

The Department arranges the social surveys, tours and has sociology association. The department guides the students for preparing competitive examinations, and doing different social surveys through the sociology association. These are the some of the features of the department.

The faculty of the department work hard with the students to guide them for higher studies and to develop social approach and personality development.

The continuous evaluation of students is through unit test, assignments and seminars. The faculty is attending academic conferences, seminars, workshops, Orientation course, Refresher courses and short term course for updating the knowledge.

The department is alert about the student progression and always helps to them to choose right career.